Who is Angele Hagam?

Founder of Ace Scale Consulting, Serial Entrepreneur, and Life Long Student.

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Meet Angele Hagam

Make the world a better place through entrepreneurship

As the eldest among ten siblings, Angele's journey into leadership and entrepreneurship began at an early age. At age 5, despite being sent to live with her aunt who became her second parent and raised her as the only child, Angele's sense of responsibility for others motivated her to sell cookies and seasoned goods during weekends and school breaks from age 10. By the age of 24, she ventured into the entrepreneurial realm by establishing a successful car wash business, employing a team of 13 individuals.

Angele's path took a challenging turn at age 26 when she purchased her first home, which she fondly named the "family home." Unfortunately, it proved to be a misguided investment, marred by a lack of proper systems that led to a dual sale of the property. Simultaneously, her car wash business, which was under her brother's management, faced closure due to mismanagement. Then, the end of a partnership in a contracting business providing raw material to a manufacturing firm added further complexity to her journey. her world was upside down and the pressure of taking care of her son and other family members motivated her to keep searching for better opportunities.

In the face of adversity, Angele discovered inspiration in Robert Kiyosaki's books, guiding her into the realm of Real Estate. By 2008, she had become a Real Estate Broker, channeling her entrepreneurial spirit into the founding of a construction company in 2009. Weathering the financial crisis, Angele transitioned to corporate America before joining a Business Consulting firm. Her nationwide travels involved assisting Small to Midsize Business Owners in establishing processes that would facilitate the growth of their enterprises.

Angele's fulfillment lies in the impact she makes, as expressed by grateful business owners: "Angele, thank you so much. That cash management system you put in place is the best thing that ever happened to our business. Thank you!" Recognizing the pivotal role of business owners in the economy, Angele emphasizes their contribution not only through taxes but also by creating employment opportunities that enable individuals worldwide to support their families.

In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Angele founded Ace Scale Consulting, LLC, focusing on assisting local companies. However, a significant health setback prompted her to reevaluate her priorities, reinforcing the importance of maintaining one's health.

Angele's guiding philosophy centers on the transformative power of thought. She firmly believes in the potential for individuals to improve their lives through the choices they make, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace strategic thinking, genuine care for people, adaptability to market demands, relentless effort in expanding their influence, and, above all, prioritizing their health by listening to their bodies.

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